Gisele Bundchen's Lingerie Ad: How To Break Bad News

Stripping down for the brand's latest TV spot, Gisele Bundchen dons a barely-there set of bra and panties for Hope Lingerie's newest commercial.

The 31-year-old supermodel shows off her leggy form in the clip, offering up a two ways you can break news to someone that you crashed their car.

In the first scenario, the leggy blonde is fully clothed during her admission. Meanwhile, in the second she delivers the bad news in nothing but her undergarments.

Coincidentally, Gisele managed to talk her way out of a speeding ticket while in Cape Cod over the weekend.

Bundchen was clocked doing 70 m.p.h in a 55 m.p.h zone, however, the the officer let her off with just a warning. Following the incident, the son of the trooper who pulled over Gisele's Cadillac SUV tweeted that she autographed her traffic citation for his dad - with kisses!

Photo Credit: Hope


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