Shifanjali Rao dating an Australian cricketer?

The latest gossip on the Bollywood grapevine is that model, actress and item girl Shifanjali Rao is dating an Australian cricketer. Of course Shifanjali Rao denied it and said she meets a lot of people and attends a lot of Page 3 parties, so if she was seen dancing with someone doesn’t mean that she is dating him.

However, a source tells us that Shifanjali is very much in a relationship with a well-known Australian cricketer who was earlier linked to another Indian model and actress.The couple have been seen together at various locations including a 5-star hotel in Mumbai, Delhi and even Bangalore.

Shifanjali when contacted denied all these rumors and said that she has been doing a lot of events and stage shows and other celebrities are part of the troupe.

However, our source tells us that the couple were seen hugging and smooching at the J W Mariott hotel at Juhu in suburban Mumbai recently.

They have been spotted in each other's company almost ten times in the last two months and it is difficult to believe that there is nothing going on between the two, says our source.

As the old saying goes, there can be no smoke without a fire, what say Shifanjali...

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