Neha Dhupia to party with World-golf champion in Durban

World- golf champion Gary Player, regarded as arguably the biggest star of the game with 9 championship victories under his belt, is all set to celebrate his birthday in style over the coming weekend in Durban. Handpicked guests from all over the world have been invited for the 4-day binge this weekend in Durban

And the only invitee from Bollywood and apparently from India, on the guest list is Neha Dhupia.

The sultry actress was pleasantly surprised to receive the invitation and has begun preparing for the event.

Says Neha, “I’m very excited. Though I am not much of a golf player, my father is. And who doesn’t know Gary Player? The birthday celebrations would go on over a 3-day weekend. There’s a golf tournament, a gala dinner and a charity event. I am bracing myself for a weekend of hard partying.

Neha says there is “a little bit of a jinx” on her visits to South Africa. “Every time I am scheduled for a visit to South Africa something or the other goes wrong at the last minute. So I’ve never really been to South Africa or Durban. This time I hope nothing goes wrong. ”

Neha will be the only representative from the Indian entertainment business rubbing shoulders with sports superstars and film personalities from across the world.

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