Halloween 2011 - Rebecca Romijn Reveals Daughter Dolly Scared of Pumpkins

Actress Rebecca Romijn said her daughter Dolly is scared of pumpkins so isn't a fan of Halloween.

The 38-year-old is mum to twin girls Dolly and Charlie, two, and spoke about her plans for the holiday on The Talk.

She said: "I've always gone really scary [and] put a Grim Reaper in the corner with a low light over it, but you can't do that with kids.

"You know how you can go in two different directions for Halloween? Really scary or really cute Halloween - I'm now going really cute Halloween!"

She revealed Dolly and Charlie have both picked their outfits for Halloween - a princess and a cowboy.

She added: "I've been taking them to get manicures and [Dolly's] been painting her nails black. All of a sudden [she] decided that everything Halloween is too scary.

"She's been taking all of the pumpkins off the porch and putting them on the side of the house."

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