Hospital labours for Ash

12-hour security shifts; mobile ban to be imposed to ensure complete privacy for her delivery

To ensure complete privacy to Bachchan bahu for her delivery, authorities at Seven Hills order security staff to work 12-hr shifts; mobile ban to be imposed

The entire country is waiting with bated breath for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's baby, and the staff at Seven Hills Hospital, where the Bachchan bahu is supposed to give birth is not far behind.

But for those who thought the doctors at the Marol hospital were on edge, they are wrong. In fact, it is the security and cleaning personnel, who are burning the midnight oil to ensure that the medical facility is ready and safe for her delivery.

The actress is ready to give birth anytime and while bets are on about the exact date of her delivery, sources say that the actress will have a planned delivery on November 11. In an attempt to maintain security till the Bachchan family leaves, the administration has ordered the security staff to work a 12-hour shift instead of the usual six-hour shift.

Also, a suite on the fifth floor of the hospital has been completely refurbished for the Bachchan bahu.

According to sources, the suite is one of the most expensive suites on the level, which houses a spa too.

And if all this was not enough to maintain privacy, sources told MiD DAY that once Aishwarya is admitted to the hospital, staff members will not be allowed to carry mobiles into her room. "The authorities are afraid that a staffer will click a picture of the family that would hurt their reputation. Hence, they have imposed a ban on phones," said a source.

Sources further explained that the reason why Aishwarya chose the Marol facility was because her sister-in-law Srima, reportedly gave birth to her son at the same facility. "The hospital is not crowded allowing the star family to maintain a certain level of privacy," said a hospital doctor.


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