Michael Jackson, "Fans celebrate second death anniversary "

Today marks the second death anniversary of legendary pop singer Michael Joseph Jackson, widely known as the ‘The King of Pop’.

The stars demise on 25 June, 2009 due to cardiac arrest, shocked fans all over the world. Today the legendary pop star lives on through his music and fans remember him by holding tributes and vigils across the globe.

Hometown Gary Indiana will remember the star by holding a ‘Tribute to Michael’ where performers, vendors and fans will celebrate his career, culminating in a candlelit vigil at his childhood home.

Los Angeles will see a customized motorbike fashioned with photos of the star, drive through Forrest Lawn Memorial Park where the star was cremated and laid to rest.

A select few will be able to celebrate the stars 2nd death anniversary by taking a private helicopter departing from Santa Barbara airport to the stars estate, The Neverland Ranch. 36 flights have been scheduled by Channel Marine Helicopters with tickets costing $175 to $500 for private flights allowing passengers to drop red roses over the stars property from the side window.

Brother Jermaine Jackson also honored his brother by paying a tribute to him at the 12th Indian International Film Awards Festival in Toronto. Paired with Indian Singer Sonu Nigam, Jermaine’s nostalgic performance of Michaels chartbusters entertained fans in Toronto however it failed live up to the stars unique style and charm.

The star suffered through his share of controversies while he lived, but the enigmatic effect he had on his fans allows him to live on in their hearts and minds as an entertainer, philanthropist and humanitarian.


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