Bollywood films are a lot of fun,"Hilary Swank"

Hilary Swank has spoken out in praise of Bollywood as a chief guest at the International Indian Film Academy Awards.

The Oscar-winning star had been invited by Anil Kapoor to attend the event in Toronto, DNA reports.
Swank announced: "Both India and Toronto have a special place in my heart. I am too happy to be here. I just love the films that you guys make and that's the reason why I wanted to be a part of this function. It's a kind of a new experience for me."

The Boys Don't Cry star spoke about the power that cinema has for social change and acceptance.
Swank explained: "I think Indian cinema and Hollywood will bring people together. Bollywood has been bringing two worlds together. It's a great thing. I believe in the motto of 'one world, one people'. India has always held a very special place in my heart.

"I love all kinds of cinema and from all countries. I think Bollywood films are a lot of fun and are passionate."
The actress was complimented at the awards show by Shah Rukh Khan for using the Hindi greeting 'Namaste'.Peter Andre was previously invited to attend and perform at the 2009 IIFA Awards.

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