The Dirty Picture (Movie Review)

First: a disclaimer. If cheesy one-liners, ample cleavage displays and orgasms - fake or otherwise - make you uncomfortable then stay away from this film.

‘The Dirty Picture’ not only thrives on these traits but literally celebrates them like never before in its 144 minutes of unabashed, in-your-face entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

Undoubtedly, it is Vidya’s one of the finest outings in which she portrays the role of Reshma aka Silk, obviously, 'inspired' by the real life story of Silk Smitha.

Here’s a quick synopsis to her tragic tale:

Reshma is a non-conformist who leaves home to become a star in the big bad world of Tollywood. She has no qualms about her sexuality and knows that everything comes at a price.

After series of rejections, she finally lands up in a solo-dance number but critically acclaimed director Abraham (Emraan hashmi) robs her off that big-ticket to silver screen. Heartbroken, she is ready to move back to her sleepy village, when the producer (Rajesh Sharma) includes her risqué jig again to pep up the tepid collections and sets box-office on fire.

The world now wakes up to Silk and no film is complete without her ‘dirty’ antics. Be her childhood crush and now aging superstar Suryakant (Naseeruddin Shah) or millions of frontbenchers no can keep their eyes, minds or hands off Silk.

But as they say, success without honour is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won't taste good. Silk learns this bitter truth the hard way.

Though people are lapping her every act yet she is still their dirty secret, hidden somewhere in their closets or dark bedrooms not deemed worthy of their company. She chooses not to pay attention but reality comes to bite her at last when her own mother spurns her and slams the door on her face. And so does rest of the world, finally.

Series of failures in her love/lust affairs leaves her bitter and she smashes all the pretence of shame and decency. Her dream project and triple-role extravaganza turns out to be a flameout and she sinks further into the abyss of depression.

The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success and Silk stands miserable at both. Ironically, Abraham - the man who hated her the most, is now the only solace in her troubled life. But it’s too late to resuscitate her decrepit soul...

With ‘The Dirty Picture’ director, Milan Luthria has put his hand in the dirtiest pit of the Indian cinema and excavated a gem in the form of Vidya Balan. You can’t help but appreciate the effort she puts in to make her Silk look authentic.

In an age where majority of leading ladies won’t dare to look overweight, Vidya carries her ample love-handles with aplomb.

Here are a few things you’ll like about the film, apart from Vidya:

The smashing first-half replete with Rajat Arora’s witty one-liners, Naseer Saab’s slithery Surya and Emran Hashmi’s understated yet powerful Abraham.

What you may not like is the dragging second-half and the way the director handles Silk’s fall from the grace. However, Milan redeems himself in the climax as Silk’s meets her tragic end.

All in all, ‘The Dirty Picture’ may not be your perfect family outing but it is the ‘Silk’ route you must take this weekend.

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